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      2. 花草监测仪




        设计研究 / 工业设计 / 样机制作



        养花最大的难题在于土壤温湿度和营养素的控制,这款产品通过插入土壤监测水分和湿度,通过顶部的温敏和光敏器件能够检测植物温度和光照强度,从而达到监测植物状态的效果,能够及时准确的给用户提高有价值的措施。我们在设计语言上用了卡萌的抽象方法,既保证了产品足够的亲和力,又能够与监测仪器拉开差异。The biggest problem of flower cultivation lies in the control of soil temperature, humidity and nutrients. This product can monitor water and humidity by inserting the soil, and detect plant temperature and light intensity through the temperature sensitive and photosensitive devices on the top, so as to achieve the effect of monitoring plant state, and can timely and accurately improve valuable measures for users. We use the abstract method of Kameng in the design language, which not only ensures that the product has enough affinity, but also can be different from the monitoring instrument.

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