About Workman's Glass Bead Work

The Term Lampwork is derived from an antique style of glasswork. The flame of an oil lamp is stoked with an air bellows to focus heat and melt glass. The glass is held in the open flame and shaped into small objects like beads, marbles, and sculptures. Much of modern glass work is based on these ancient shapes and designs.

Gas torches with specialized burner heads have replaced the oil lamps of days gone by but the fascination that accompanies the melting of glass remains and the name *Lampworking* is a reminder that this highly refined craft has a very old and basic origin.

Workman's Bead'sA bit about Mark

As I like to say,"A picture tells a thousand words, glasswork tells a million." I was first drawn to lampworking by the mysterious nature of glass art. I have always appreciated the statement and form of glass pieces. The endless possiblities of color, design and form motivate me to perfect and build upon my techniques. I enjoy creating complex patterns and unique shapes in the big beautiful beads that I make. I hope that you enjoy our glass creations as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.

For further information please contact Mark at glassbeadwork@yahoo.com